April 2024
"Cement. Building Material of the Anthropocene," lecture in the urbanism lecture series "Architecture and the Great Derangement"
Ghent University, BE

April 2024
"Cement Research. Definition, Scope, and Method," presentation in the doctoral seminar "Architettura. Storia e Progetto"
Politecnico di Torino, IT

March 2024
"Digital Concrete: How Robots Keep Us Dependent on Cement," paper in a session on "Manufacturing Materials," at the Production Studies International Conference
Newcastle, UK

January 2024
"On Repair/Green-building: IBA Berlin 84/87 as Live Eco-exhibition," in the lecture course on "The Architecture Exhibition as a Critical Form," Prof. Dr. Andres Lepik
TU Munich, DE

November 2023
"Is there such a thing as material justice?," presentation in the doctoral seminar "Critically Fit," RIOT Lab, Prof. Dr. Charlotte Malterre-Barthes
EPFL Lausanne, CH

October 2023
"Encounter with Disaster," paper in the event "Repositioning Urban Design," part of "Projections, Limits, Encounters: a Month of Urban Design"
TU Delft, NL

October 2023
"Toward a Global History of Cement"
paper in a session on "The Stuff of History," at the 2023 EAHN conference "The Third Ecology"
Reykjarvik, ISL

May 2023
response to research seminar "Thermal Governance: Air-conditioning Complexes and Climate Modulation in Urban Asia," Prof. Dr. Jiat-Hwee Chang
Paul Mellon Centre, London, UK

May 2023
"Research Cement. Historiography, Criticism, Imaginaries," lecture in the framework of the Bauhaus Lab 2023 "Concrete Antarctic," Prof. Dr. Regina Bittner
Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Dessau, DE

April 2023
"Commodity Cement: A Global History" lecture in the series "Neighbours. Lectures on History & Theory of Architecture. Vol. 1"
EPFL, Lausanne, CH

October 2022
"The Palimpsest of Swiss Energy Landscapes," lecture in the seminar "Warzaw: Energy Landscape and Energy Transition", Prof. Dr. Sascha Roesler
Academia di Architettura, Mendrisio, CH

October 2022
"KLIMA POLIS Vol. 1 & 2" / "Frozen Unfrozen", moderation of a book launch, with Sascha Roesler; Madlen Kobi, Lorenzo Stieger and Katja Jug
Never Stop Reading, Zurich, CH

September 2022
"Research Methods: An Environmental History of Cement," input in the context of the hybrid opening event "Educational Perspectives on Research and Teaching in Architecture" of the Student Conference sbe 22 Berlin, followed by a workshop co-hosted by Elke Beyer, Anke Hagemann and David Bauer
Floating, Berlin, DE

May 2022
"Zementgeschichte, Kulturlandschaften und Zukunftsvisionen", lecture in the seminar "Zement im Anthropozän", Prof. i. V. Dr. Alexander Stumm,
TU Cottbus, DE

May 2022
"Beyond Recultivation"
lecture in the context of the 2022 MARG Spring Seminar "Thinking Landscape at a Planetary Scale" with Alexandra Arènes and Elise Hunchuck
University of Manchester, UK

May 2022
"Zementgeschichten des Anthropozäns"
lecture in the seminar "Material Geschichten", Prof. i. V. Dr. Sabine Hansmann
HafenCity Universität Hamburg, DE

April 2022
"The Quarry: Extraction, Recultivation, and Ecologies of Scale"
paper in a session on "Environment: The Career of a Concept", at the 2022 SAH conference
Pittsburgh, US

April 2022
"Narrating Cement", lecture in the Design Studio "Housing", Prof. Andreas Rumpfhuber
University of Applied Arts, Vienna, AT

March 2022
"Epistemological-Archaeological Excavations on Solarity. The Exhibition "Umdenken Umschwenken", ETH / University of Zurich, 1975."
lecture in the studio on "Heat", Prof. Tom Emerson
ETH Zurich, CH

February 2022
"Uncementing Modernity: From the Kiln to the Quarry"
presentation in the context of the exhibition "Planetary Home Improvement" at Vi Per Gallery
Prague, CZ

November 2021
"Für eine Architekturwissenschaft des Anthropzäns", lecture at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Karlsruhe, DE

October 2021
"On the Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies", lecture at the "Berlage Afternoon Symposium"
TU Delft, NL

September 2021
"Zement: Kritischer Baustoff des Anthropozäns", lecture at the symposium "Constructive Futures - Beyond Concrete", Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW
Basel, CH

June 2021
"What the Future of Architecture Holds. Historicizing Strategies for Energy Transition Imagined at the NEST"
paper at the Annual Symposium 2021 of the SAHGB on "Architectural History + Climate Emergency"
London, UK

June 2021
"From Niche to Mainstream. Renewable Energy Projects in Milton Keynes"
paper in a session on "Flexibility and its Discontents: Techniques and Technologies in Twentieth Century Architectural Production" at the 6th International Meeting of the European Architectural History Network (EAHN)
University of Edinburgh, UK

May 2021
"Architecture Won’t Be Relevant on a Dead Planet!"
climate debate WESTCAN x MSSA, organized by student groups of Westminster University and the Manchester School of Architecture
Manchester, UK

May 2021
"Quasi-Institutionen der Umweltbewegung in der europäischen Architektur und Planung"
lecture in context of the MAS History and Theory of Architecture, Dr. Anne Kockelkorn / Dr. Susanne Schindler, Institute gta
ETH Zurich, CH

April 2021
"Ecotopias: Die IBA in Berlin-Kreuzberg der 1980er Jahre"
lecture in the studio on "Broad Care. Alternatives Wohnen und Arbeiten in Hamburg Osdorfer Born", Prof. Christoph Heinemann,
HafenCity Universität, Hamburg, DE

February 2021
"Back to the Future. Construction R&D at the NEST"
lecture in the context of the 2021 MARG Spring Seminar "What's the Matter in Architecture?" , with Adam Przywara and Dr. Samir Harb
University of Manchester, UK

February 2021
"Bauhof / Baupalast"
presentation at the Circular Society Forum 2021, Hans Sauer Stiftung
Munich, DE

January 2021
"On Cement’s Globality and Universality. Global Cement Industry and Regionally-added Value Chains"
lecture in the seminar on "Architecture’s Supply Chains", Prof. i. V. Dr. Elke Beyer
TU Berlin, DE

December 2020
"Concrete: Building Material of the Anthropocene"
lecture in the seminar on "Produktionsverhältnisse", Dr. Alexander Stumm
TU Berlin, DE

December 2020
"Ecotopian Niche: The IBA in Berlin-Kreuzberg in the 1980s"
lecture in the seminar on "Utopies et Hétérotopies", Prof. Dr. Maria Zingfert
Université de Montréal, CA

November 2020
"The Making of an Avant-garde. The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies"
participant in a panel discussion following a film screening (dir. Diana Agrest, 2013)
EPFL Lausanne, CH

September 2020
"New Material Histories"
guest lecture in the series on "Materialisms" (with Dr. Sarah Nichols)
Hochschule Luzern, CH

February 2020
"Environmental Histories"
key lecture in the seminar on "Alternative Landscapes", Heike Biechteler
Hochschule Luzern, CH

April 2019
"Corporate Sustainability. The Global Cement Industry and Its Approach to Architectural Culture"
lecture in the context of the MARG 2019 Spring Seminar
University of Manchester, UK

February 2019
"'As if our House is on Fire'. What Institutions Can Do for the Environment"
lecture in the context of the Landscape Research by Design Seminar
University of Edinburgh, UK

January 2019
"Die Netzwerke des IAUS. Auftragsarbeit, Zusammenarbeit und andere wechselseitige Beziehungen"
paper at the symposium "Wer bestimmt die Architektur? Netzwerke, Wettbewerbe und der öffentliche Diskurs"
Darmstadt, DE

August 2018
"Exhibiting, Collecting, and Researching (Energy) Transition at the CCA"
paper at the "Petrocultures" 2018 conference on "Transitions"
Glasgow, UK

April 2018
"Historicizing the LafargeHolcim Awards. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
paper at 2018 SAH 71st Annual International Conference
Saint Paul, US

November 2017
"Kenneth Frampton’s Pedagogical Tools"
paper the EAHN conference "Tools of the Architect"
TU Delft, NL

November 2017
"The Digital Tools of the Architect in the Archive"
roundtable in the context of the EAHN conference "Tools of the Architect"
Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL

April 2016
"The IAUS: a quasi-institutional group with extra-curricula activities"
paper at the J. Irwin Miller Symposium "Learning/Doing/Thinking: Educating Architects in the 21st Century"
Yale School of Architecture, New Haven, US

November 2015
"The Paradox of Sustainability. The Greening of Architecture since 1972"
lecture in the series of Urban Mutations on the Edge (UME) on "Concrete", directed by Marc Angelil
ETH Zurich, CH

July 2015
"'Umdenken Umschwenken' – On using visual communication, the rise of an ecological consciousness and a new generation of architects"
paper at the 8th conference of European Society for Environmental History (ESEH), "Greening History: Studying the Environment across Disciplines, Past, Present and Future"
University of Versailles, Saint-­Quentin­-en-Yvelines, FR

January 2015
"'Dies ist Unser Haus' – On IBA 84/87, participation, and the greening of Berlin-Kreuzberg"
paper at the international conference "Architektur als Streitsache / Architecture as Matter of Contention" of the journal Candide
RWTH Aachen, DE

December 2014
"This is Architectural History! On Leaving the Comfort Zone"
lecture at the Architecture Department
KU Leuven, Brussels, BE

December 2014
"The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, New York (1967-1985)"
lecture in the History Theory+Practice lectures, moderated by: Gaia Caramellino / Ivo Covic
Politecnico di Milano, Milan, IT

November 2014
"Zur Planung und Realisierung des Görlitzer Parks in Berlin. Eine öko-utopische Insel in SO 36"
paper at the conference "Den Protest regieren. Staatliches Handeln vor der Herausforderung von 'neuen sozialen Bewegungen' und linken Organisationen in den 1970er und 1980er Jahren"
Forschungsstelle für Zeitgeschichte (FZH), Hamburg, DE
(together with Cornelia Escher)

July 2014
"Re-thinking Cautious Urban Renewal. The IBA-Alt (Berlin 1984/87)"
paper in a session on "Sustainable Cities and Social Justice" of the Research Committee 21 at the XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology
Yokohama, JP

June 2014
"Entertaining the Masses. The IAUS and the Field of Cultural Production"
paper at the 3rd International Meeting of the European Architectural History Network (EAHN)
Politecnico di Torino, IT

June 2014
"Die Ökonomie und Politik des Salons in der Architektur"
lecture in the Architektursalon, moderated by: Andreas Rumpfhuber
Depot, Vienna, AUT

June 2014
"From the Cult of Words to the Cult of Stars. The IAUS and the Institutionalization of Postmodernism"
lecture in seminar on "Urban and Planning History", instructed by: Patrizia Bonifazio
Politecnico di Milano, IT

June 2014
"How the IAUS Instituted Postmodernism"
lecture at the Institute for Theory and History of Architecture, instructed by: Liane Lefaivre
University of Applied Arts, Vienna, AUT

November 2013
"Differentiating Eisenman" & "Against Eisenman"
two lectures at the international conference "ISSUES? Concerning the Project of Peter Eisenman" of the Faculty of Architecture
University of Belgrade, RS

May 2013
"Architektur, Ökologie und Gesellschaft. Eine Genealogie der Nachhaltigkeitsdebatten"
lecture in the course of the series on "Theorie von Architektur und Gesellschaft" of the Department of Architecture
TU Munich, DE

May 2013
"Das IAUS und die Netzwerke des Peter Eisenman"
lecture in the course of the seminar "Die 1970er. Umbrüche in Architektur und Städtebau", instructed by Dr. André Bideau, Faculty of Art History
Universität Basel, CH

April 2013
"ARCH+ features 19: Über das IAUS und die Netzwerke des Peter Eisenman"
public lecture and screening
Altes Haus Ungarn, Berlin, DE

February 2013
"Flexible and Modular Offerings. Architecture Education at the IAUS"
paper in the course of the international conference "Architecture Education Goes Outside Itself. Crossing Borders, Breaking Boundaries"
School of Design, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, US

October 2012
"The IAUS in the Fiscal Year 1972/73: Public Housing vs. Theory Production"
paper in the course of the panel on "The Rebirth of Autonomy" at the international symposium "The Göhner Case. On the Crisis of Large-Scale Housing Production in the 1970s"
ETH Zurich, CH

August 2012
"Discovering the Environment. On Lucius Burckhardt's Notion of Sustainability"
paper in the course of the specialist session on "A Historical View on the Development of a Sustainable City" at the 11th International Conference of the European Association for Urban History (EAUH)
Charles University, Prague, CZ

April 2012
"The Atlas of Thresholds"
lecture in the course of the first year course atelier de la conception de l'espace (ALICE), instructed by Prof. Dieter Dietz
EPFL Lausanne, CH

February 2012
"The Networks of the IAUS: Cultural Production of Architects in Times of Crisis"
paper in the course of the International Workshop "The Making of Architects / Architecture in the Making" of the Architectural Sociology Working Group
TU Darmstadt, DE

September 2011
"The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, New York (1967-1985). A Cultural Project in the Field of Architecture"
doctoral defense at the Departement of Architecture
ETH Zurich, CH

January 2011
"IAUS: The Italian Issue"
lecture in the course of the seminar on "Modern Architecture in Italy: From Futurism to Neorationalism", instructed by Prof. Dr. Carsten Ruhl
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, DE

April 2010
"The Graphic Identity of the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, New York City (1967-1985). An Investment of Massimo Vignelli"
lecture in the course of the seminar on "Images after Images: Case Studies in Architecture and Print", instructed by Craig Buckley, GSAPP
Columbia University, New York, US

April 2010
"Researching Cultural Practices in the Field of Architecture, The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, New York City (1967-1985)"
lecture in the course of a discussion on "Provisional Practices", moderated by common room (Todd Rouhe and Lars Fischer)
Barnard College, New York, US

June 2009
"The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies. Insitutionanlizing an Institution"
lecture in the course of the CCA Collection Research Grant
Canadian Center for Architecture, Montréal, CA

April 2009
"Skyline, arguably ‘the most important publication’ the IAUS produced"
paper in the course of the 2009 Dissertation Colloquium of the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture
Columbia University, New York, US

April 2009
"Low-rise, High-density Housing in New York City. Sites of Production"
paper in the course of the Graduate Student Workshop "What Site?", hosted by the Program in the History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture and Art in the School for Architecture and Planning
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, US

July 2008
"Architecture without Architecture"
conversation with Pelin Tan
Platform Garanti, Istanbul, TR

July 2007
"communal spaces / community places / common rooms"*
public lecture on An Architektur 10
Common Room, New York & Basecamp, Philadelphia, US

March 2005
"Join the Camp for Oppositional Architecture!"*
public lecture on An Architektur
Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna, AUT

February 2005
"ABC No Rio’s Oppositional Spatiality and Iconography"
paper in the course of the workshop "CinematoGraphies. Fictional Strategies and Visual Discourses in 1990s’ New York City"
Zentrum für Literaturforschung, Berlin, DE

November 2003
"Kartografische Praxis"
lecture in the course of the workshop "Pläne zum Verlassen der Übersicht"*
Hebbel am Ufer (HAU 2), Berlin, DE

May 2003
"Reading New York City"
paper at the conference "Multiple Cultures – Multiple Perspektives. Questions of Identity and Urbanity in a Transnational Context"
Humboldt University in Berlin, DE

February 2003
"Neue Raumlogiken und parallele Rechtssysteme"
paperat the conference "Der Raum des Empire. Urbanismus – Kontrolle – Ausnahmezustand"*
University of the Arts (UdK), Berlin, DE

December 2002
"War and the Production of Space"
preview of An Architektur 04-09, in the course of the workshop "Space // Trouble. Stadt. Ökonomie. Krieg", a project of ErsatzStadt*
Volksbühne im Prater, Berlin, DE

* as co-editor of An Architektur